REAL TIME LEAK DETECTION using SEEK technology and software

The SEEK system measures acoustically if a pipeline leak has occurred, and by using GPS technology, can provide a warning to the Control Room and/or automatically provide a signal thus allowing an Emergency Shut Down of a pipeline before the leak consequences escalate.

 Many massive pipeline spills would have been mitigated, if this technology had been used.



The basic technology behind the SEEK System requires a Receiver installed at each end of the pipeline segment that will receive an ultra-low frequency acoustic wave. When this leak or rupture occurs, the SEEK site processors will immediately receive the wave vibration of the pipeline medium caused by the leak and CentralPRO will, according to the profiles in the comparative database, confirm whether a leak has happened on the pipeline and compute data such as the size of the leak and the leak location by calculating the time difference between the site processors at both ends of the pipeline which sent the signals. 


GPS Timing Synchronizer

Timing accuracy: ±500 nano sec

Isolated synchronizers guarantee the integrity of system, without affected by telecommunication failure.




SEEK Acoustic Transmitter

Installed at designated location at each end of the pipeline segment being monitored 

This data acquisition unit/sensor has the  characteristics:

  • op temperature:-30 to 85℃;
  • explosion-proof & water-resistance class :ExdⅡCT6 IP68
  • 20-28VDC;
  • current output:4-20mA
  • non-destructive installation;
  • media:gas/liquid/multi-phase, multi-state


Detectable leak sizes are as small as 3-6 mm.

The average alarm response time is 60 seconds.

The unit can locate and report the leak location within ±10m. Greater accuracies are possible with additional acoustic transmitters.

Low false alarm rate; the false alarm rate will typically be less than once per year

The system can work normally under zero flow conditions.

Even if the data communication line is cut off, the system can still work normally if a leak happens and will deliver the leak alarm within 1 minute after the communication system returns to normal.     

The system can be designed to be fully automatic. It can provide an alarm to the control room, and, if desired can trigger an Emergency Shut Down of the pipeline once the leak is detected, thus preventing a large spill.




In order to design and/or quote a SEEK System for your application, we require the following data:


  1. Type of fluids
  2. OD/ID of pipelines
  3. Lengths of pipelines
  4. Downstream pressure
  5. Upstream pressure
  6. Pipeline gradient and sections


  1. Specific gravity
  2. Ratio of specific heats of Gas
  3. Average compressibility
  4. Viscosity (Poise)


  1. Bulk modulus of Liquid (psi)
  2. Density of Liquid
  3. Viscosity (Poise)
  4. Flow barrels per day
  5. Other data of liquid


  1. Hole size
  2. Accuracy of location
  3. Speed of detection


1.Type of SCADA

  • Radio
  • Microwave
  • Hardwire
  • Phone line
  • Satellite
  • Optical cable
  • Other specified requirements
  1. Pipeline Map
  • Control room
  • Valve room/location
  • Sub-lines
  • Instruments & hardware

The entire system can be retrofitted into existing pipeline systems. For example, the acoustic transmitters can be located at existing Tees or locations where there are existing Pressure Gauges, etc. If no power is available at the selected locations, then Solar Power can be incorporated.

Burza will provide the necessary hardware and software for the specific application, and will conduct pipeline leak simulations and training with the client at the completion of installation. A full 1 year parts warranty is provided.